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The first meeting of the Lithuanian-Swiss cooperation programme ”Research and development“ Project ‘Unique genome variants in congenital neurodevelopmental disorders: origin, genomic mechanisms, functional and clinical consequences’ partners‘ was held on the 19-20th of September 2013. All the participants of the Project of the Department Human and Medical Genetics (Faculty of Medicine Vilnius University) and project partner - prof.dr.Alexandre Reymond from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) attended the meeting.
All the scientific activities of the Project were reviewed during the meeting. Currently patients with intellectual disability and family members are being actively recruited. The main goal of this stage is to organize and control the clinical data and sample collection of patients with neurodevelopmental disorders and their relatives according to standardized selection criteria. Patients already included in the study by Lithuanian colleagues were reanalysed and testing opportunities at the Vilnius University or partner institution were discussed.
Prof. dr. A. Reymond held a lecture “Genome structure, gene expression and diseases“ at the scientific event “Genome analysis of intellectual disability. Mission possible?“ on 20th of September 2013 (please visit Web page of the department)


Managers of the UNIGENE project - prof. habil. dr.  Vaidutis Kučinskas and prof. dr. Alexandre Reymond in the American Society of Human Genetics meeting at San Francisco.